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People will often be led to think that they can use any old burner or burner cap on their gas cooker or built-in gas hob but that simply isn't true, we explain why

We must stress this and stress it in the strongest possible terms:

You MUST use the correct gas burner parts for the make, model and variant that you own! This is ultra important as if you do not do so there is a very high risk of improper burning of the gas. This, in turn, leads to the production of carbon monoxide and that CAN KILL YOU!

Even if it is not as serious as that it can cause harm to your health.

We are deadly serious, no kidding about here and we're not even trying to joke about it, this can be a life-threatening thing to muck about with and when you change these parts in your appliance they absolutely must be correct.

The same applies to oven burners etc as well but far fewer people will tackle replacing those on a DIY basis, hob burners and caps, however, are easy to remove to clean and therefore to replace and most people will just buy new ones to replace them themselves.

As usual, many people think they're all pretty much the same and that all that matters is the size. This is wrong!

There is a myriad of sizes, yes but even a fraction of a millimetre out can prove disastrous, the wrong shape likewise and either can give you an incorrect flame pattern meaning that the gas is not being burnt correctly and that is almost inevitable to produce carbon monoxide. This is not at all a good thing.

In fact, it can be a very dangerous thing indeed.

So again we stress, if you're ordering or thinking about ordering up gas burner parts based on sizes or images, stop right there as you're starting out the process incorrectly.

Please, for the sake of your own safety, do not do this!

Even the same size or looking like the one/s you have may well not be the same, not the exact size, shape or spread pattern.

gas burner spare parts safety

Blue Flame, Yellow Flame And Cleaning

What you should see when the burner/s are correct is as above, a clean blue flame.

If you see yellow, try cleaning the burner and burner caps before buying new ones as all they might need is a good clean. It is wasteful to buy new ones just because they look a bit grubby unless you're really OCD about that.

Do not clean the burners in the dishwasher as this will often wreck them and all too often totally destroy any coating or finish on them so, that's not good. Ditto harsh cleaning agents as well, they can and will trash your burners.

Wash them in warm soapy water and us a decent burns, not a metal one, to give them a good scrub.

If you really need to, you can use a wooden or plastic cocktail stick to poke into the small hole son some burners to clear them out if they're really gunked up.

Don't do anything else as it shouldn't be needed and if it is, you probably need to replace the affected burners.

After that if you still see yellow flames then you need new burners for sure.

How You Find Gas Burner Parts

Same old tried and tested way you find any spare parts, you look them up based on:

Make > Model > Serial Number/Product Code

There's no other way. No shortcuts. No way around it.

If you do not have that info, the chances are you will be out of luck and we strongly, strongly advise you not to continue.


The same applies to just about any gas part including burner or pot stands, they must be correct.

Bodge jobs on gas appliances are unacceptable and unsafe.

For help just contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to locate the correct parts for you, we know how to do that corretly and will happily guide you.

Obsolete Burners & Caps

Where they go obsolete and there's no alternative the only option is a new appliance. That's it, sorry.


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Burner parts for lofta
Looking for 2 burner and 2 caps for lofra Cooker serial no 072408 can you help many thanks Kevin

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