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Digital timers are or can be a pain to replace when they fail and here we will try to demystify some of the magic around them

digital oven timerThe first thing you should know is that they are not all the same and, we don't just mean the colour of the display and sizes.

Different timers have different functions, different button configurations, placements and more so physically, they are not all the same by any means and you need to get the correct one or it won't fit. Please also do be aware that these are one of those parts that manufacturers seem to like changing for some wackadoodle reason so some will need modification to fit, more on that later.

Can I By-Pass My Oven Timer?

Then there's the wiring and the oft-asked question in the forums "can you bridge it out" or basically, wire the oven or cooker so that the timer is by-passed. There's not one answer to that question but for the vast bulk, the answer is yes, but only if you know exactly what you're doing and for safety reasons, we can't advise. We can't have people electrocuting themselves or others or indeed blowing up their appliances, it's just not cool!

What we can do is explain the basics principals and from that, if you are capable, you should be able to figure it out for yourself.

Essentially the timer in your built-in oven or cooker is a big mains switch, mostly.

For ones that are an electronic board that controls temperature and so on then it's not just that, those are way, way more complex and you just ain't by-passing those by any means.

The normal ones, like we said, are a mains switch in essence that merely cut the power on or off, just like a timed switch you use on plug just a bit fancier.

There's a live in and live out. Those two together where the neutral isn't also switched means the timer is out the circuit and bypassed.

Where the neutral is there and switched also, same deal those connected along with the live and it's bridged out.

You'd think that the wiring colour would indicate which was which but in a good many, that's too much to hope for and often repairers will have to trace out the wiring or, get a wiring diagram for the machine and work it out.

This is the bit where we come unstuck in advising people as we are not there, can't see it and can't really advise as if ti goes wrong, people would blame us, quite simply. Even though you try to do the right thing and help, it can backfire.

With the above, if you're capable, you should be able to work it out for yourself pretty easily and know what to do.

If not, it's probably not a job you ought to be doing.

Changes To Oven Timers

Oven timers, like oven switches, are one of the commonly altered parts and this can cause confusion to people that are not familiar with how appliance makers change stuff on a whim.

Often it's reasonably straightforward but there are a few notable exceptions such as Delonghi timers that you get a six button timer to replace a three button one. Smeg timers that you need new buttons and possibly mountings for and there are many more, they're just ones that spring to mind.

Some involve wiring changes, some don't.

Which is why we strongly encourage people to ask as we will advise of any alterations that we are aware of accordingly, then it's entirely up to you to decide if it's a job you want to tackle or not and some, we will tell you to get a pro repairer as some are really not at all easy to swap out.

The Right Oven Timer

The correct timer for your oven or cooker is the one that fits per the manufacturer taking into account any changes or alterations and that can be as stupid as the timer suppler changes as no brand makes their own, you'll often find them made by Invensys, Diehl, EGO, Penta, Robert Shaw, AKO and as many more using Schrack relays and goodness knows what all else.

And these can alter so, just because the original one used on production was, for example, a Diehl timer doesn't mean it won't be replaced by an Invensys or something.

So once more, we urge you to check and not to rely on images alone and numbers on parts as all too often those will not matter.

Just ask us, we'll help you.

Board Level Repairs

Not a single manufacturer offers parts such as the aforementioned Schrack relays for example as a spare part.

They do not repair these timers and offer no parts at all other than the full unit.

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