Dishwasher Residues, Stains And Marks Help

Dishwasher stains and marks section

All the common problems with dishes, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans not coming out of your dishwasher spotless.

This section details all the common problems, residues and issues as well as advice on how to resolve the problem, most often with the need for an engineer to visit to repair your dishwasher.

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1 Glasses And China Not Dry In Dishwasher 3430
2 Soap Residue And Undissolved Dishwasher Tablets 6591
3 White Film Inside A Dishwasher 7525
4 Dishwasher Overfoaming - Too Much Foam 4931
5 Damage To Plate Rims In A Dishwasher 3230
6 Dishwasher Fails To Remove Tea And Coffee Stains 6427
7 Dishwasher Scratch Marks On China 3477
8 Dishwasher Causing Chemical Scratching On China 3338
9 Dishwasher Causing Mechanical Scratching On Plates 2767
10 Pattern Or Colour Fading On Dishes Washed In A Dishwasher 3296
11 Dull Surfaces On Dishes Washed In A Dishwasher 4586
12 Dishwasher Not Cleaning - Leaving Residue On Dishes 9066
13 Black Discolouration Or Mildew In A Dishwasher 3696
14 Yellow Or Brown Discolouration On Plastics In A Dishwasher 4491
15 Plastic Items Turning Orange Or Pink In A Dishwasher 5153
16 Plastic Items Distort In A Dishwasher 2632
17 Discolouration Of Aluminium In A Dishwasher 4544
18 Dishwasher Poor Cleaning Results 3984
19 Baked Or Dried On Residues In A Dishwasher 4127
20 Silver Tarnishing In A Dishwasher 4197
21 Pitting Of Cutlery In A Dishwasher 4689
22 Stainless Steel Rusting In A Dishwasher 5602
23 Printed Pattern On Glassware Fading In A Dishwasher 2934
24 Chemical Scratch Marks In A Dishwasher 3027
25 Mechanical Scratching Or Chatter Marks In A Dishwasher 2832
26 Iridescence Or Rainbow Effect On Glass In A Dishwasher 4657
27 Permanent Clouding Of Glassware In A Dishwasher 6439
28 Spotting And Filming On Glassware Washed In A Dishwasher 12242
29 Residues And Dirt On Glasses Washed In A Dishwasher 5828


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 Most marks and stains that you will get on dishes, cutlery and glass in a dishwasher are easily explained and most often not an actual fault with your dishwasher but just a case of knowing what the problem is and how to solve it. In this section we explain the most common causes of dishwasher stains and marks and tell you how to revent them.

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