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Dishwasher Residues, Stains And Marks

All the common problems with dishes, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans not coming out of your dishwasher spotless.

You can find more about general dishwasher care in our care and cleaning section and self repair areas.

This section details all the common problems, residues, dishwashers not cleaning and other issues as well as advice on how to resolve the problem, most often without any need for an engineer to visit to repair your dishwasher.


Title Hits
Baked Or Dried On Residues In A Dishwasher Hits: 8357
Black Discolouration Or Mildew In A Dishwasher Hits: 7216
Chemical Scratch Marks In A Dishwasher Hits: 5092
Damage To Plate Rims In A Dishwasher Hits: 5271
Discolouration Of Aluminium In A Dishwasher Hits: 9125
Dishwasher Causing Chemical Scratching On China Hits: 7211
Dishwasher Causing Mechanical Scratching On Plates Hits: 4640
Dishwasher Fails To Remove Tea And Coffee Stains Hits: 25626
Dishwasher Not Cleaning - Leaving Residue On Dishes Hits: 24755
Dishwasher Overfoaming - Too Much Foam Hits: 16255
Dishwasher Poor Cleaning Results Hits: 8161
Dishwasher Scratch Marks On China Hits: 6169
Dull Surfaces On Dishes Washed In A Dishwasher Hits: 10826
Glasses And China Not Dry In Dishwasher Hits: 5955
Iridescence Or Rainbow Effect On Glass In A Dishwasher Hits: 11283
Mechanical Scratching Or Chatter Marks In A Dishwasher Hits: 4668
Pattern Or Colour Fading On Dishes Washed In A Dishwasher Hits: 8273
Permanent Clouding Of Glassware In A Dishwasher Hits: 13854
Pitting Of Cutlery In A Dishwasher Hits: 8828
Plastic Items Distort In A Dishwasher Hits: 4297
Plastic Items Turning Orange Or Pink In A Dishwasher Hits: 16663
Printed Pattern On Glassware Fading In A Dishwasher Hits: 4880
Residues And Dirt On Glasses Washed In A Dishwasher Hits: 13009
Silver Tarnishing In A Dishwasher Hits: 11833
Soap Residue And Undissolved Dishwasher Tablets Hits: 24809
Spotting And Filming On Glassware Washed In A Dishwasher Hits: 30379
Stainless Steel Rusting In A Dishwasher Hits: 17101
White Film Inside A Dishwasher Hits: 17827
Yellow Or Brown Discolouration On Plastics In A Dishwasher Hits: 9174
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