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Washing Machine Stains And Marks

If you have damage, smells, marks or stains on your laundry then this section is where you will find out all about the stains, marks and residues that are commonly seen when using washing machines and how to avoid and solve them.

Please also see our care and cleaning section as many stains, marks and residues found in washing machine and washer dryer laundry is often cured by regular cleaning and maintenance without the need for service.


Title Hits
Attraction Of Loose Dye By Nylon & Elastomeric Fabrics Hits: 5009
Black Or Dark Stains On Towels Hits: 13618
Black Spots, Bad Smells & Mould In A Washing Machine Hits: 26370
Bobbling And Fading Of Dyed Garments Hits: 6649
Clothes From Washing Machine Looking Old And Worn Hits: 6487
Colour Damage From Washing Machines Hits: 6637
Colour Fading Caused By Sunlight Hits: 4281
Damage By Bleach Or Care Products In A Washing Machine Hits: 7891
Dark Stains Around Collars And Shoulder Areas Hits: 6259
Dye Bleeding In A Washing Machine Hits: 6439
Ecoballs And Soapnuts: A Marketing Triumph Hits: 27582
General Advice On Washing Machine Stains Hits: 5658
Greasy Marks On Garments In Washing Machines Hits: 9576
Greasy Stains Due To Fabric Conditioners Hits: 6909
Marks Caused By A Washing Machine Door Gasket Hits: 8841
Mildew On Garments From Washing Machines Hits: 7143
Patches Of Green Or Green Hues On White Garments Hits: 6296
Pink Stains On Childrens Clothing Hits: 7262
Random Holes In Garments Hits: 7163
Rust Marks On Laundry From Washing Machines Hits: 33975
Shrinking Of Woolen Garments Hits: 4597
Spots Of Colour On Dark Garments Hits: 7103
Underarm Stains From Washing Machine Hits: 6470
Wash Care Labels & Symbols Hits: 46016
Washing Machine & Washer Dryer - Stain Removal Hits: 13498
Washing Machine Detergent And Skin Irritation Hits: 18965
Washing Machine Soap Powder Residue Hits: 16798
Washing Woolen And Delicate Items Hits: 37774
White Streaks On Denim Or Coloured Heavy Garments Hits: 8334
Whites Coming Out Of The Wash Looking Grey Hits: 11370
Yellowing Of Acrylic Garments Hits: 4494

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