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UK Whitegoods is probably the largest and best domestic appliance resource in the world and we share a wealth of information to help you choose what to buy or avoid and that will get you help with most appliance problems using articles, tutorials and more that show you how to repair most common problems yourself and, if you get stuck or need more help just use our forum where you can get fault finding help from appliance repair experts completely free.

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Domestic Appliance News

Whirlpool Uses Alexa (Maybe)
Whirlpool Uses Alexa (Maybe)
Whirlpool Withdraws Subsidised Dryers
Whirlpool Withdraws Subsidised Dryers
Qualtex Buys Masterpart
Qualtex Buys Masterpart
Whirlpool Uses Alexa (Maybe)

At this year's CES, despite the war of voice assistants, Whirlpool has revealed appliances that have Amazon's voice assistant Alexa integrated into them and that also integrate with Yummly.

The concept is explained in this video from The Verge:

So here we have what might look to be the first incarnation of connected appliances that might still work for some people.

But, what happens when it breaks?

How long will these things be supported and how secure is your data on them as, so far, no whitegoods manufacturer has an exactly stellar record when it comes to security.

But our big concern is the obsolesce of the electronics in these products as we are seeing more and more parts going obsolete sooner than ever due to low volumes and, with niche products like these we'd expect that may well be an issue down the road. Aside which, the cost of boards and stuff like that will probably be enough to give most people a heart attack!

Amazon obviously hopes users will buy stuff from them off teh back of this deal too and that also could prove costly.

Then of course there's the upfront cost in addition to what a standard appliance will cost and all taken together, you have to wonder if it's worth the cost.

There again, Whirlpool it is said, might flop flop and use Google Assistant so this may be obsolete before it even reaches stores.

Our advice, wait and see what happens before jumping in on this one.

Whirlpool Withdraws Subsidised Dryers

Whirlpool has decided to put an end to it's discounted tumble dryer offer for people that own model s affected by the safety notice on them and, that's not exactly going over well in some camps. Government included.

Whirlpool Withdraws Subsidised DryersIn a statement Whirlpool said that "Previously, consumers who wished to upgrade their products to a newer model were offered the additional option of a brand-new dryer in exchange for a small contribution to the total cost. The scheme has now ended due to a fall in demand."

Why Whirlpool bothered to remove it we don't have a clue as, after all, if nobody was eligible or taking the offer up then what harm was it doing?

Yet by removing it and being rumbled it's stirred a potential hornet's nest, again for the company.

So the way we read this, not many people are likely to care really, fewer will likely be affected by it but, it makes a good story.

Qualtex Buys Masterpart

You may have read on the UK Whitegoods forums or heard by other means that sadly Richard Du Bois of Masterpart sadly passed away recently and Masterpart has changed ownership to be now under the control of Qualtex.

We are of course saddened by this news on two fronts and our sincerest condolences to Richard's family and colleagues.

That and the additional sad demise of Masterpart who have been around for a long time.

What Qualtex's plans are for Masterpart, if there are indeed any at all are unknown at this time but the statement issued by the company is as follows:

Qualtex takes over Masterpart