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Arcelik described as Koc Holding's admiral ship continues growing with its investments in the country and abroad.

The company closed the first nine months of the year with its endorsement of 2.3 billion euros and determined its course abroad with the consideration of international economic developments. In this frame, the company wants to focus primarily on the US and Chinese markets. Arcelik General Manager Aka Gunduz Ozdemir explaining the performance of 2005 and the goals for 2006 noted they will continue the success they achieved in the third quarter of 2005 until the end of the year.

He said there is no political atmosphere in the European Union for the realization of necessary reforms for the growth and added the possibility that European Central Bank may increase the interest rates increased the interest towards the US.

Ozdemir announcing they will enter the US white goods market with dishwashers said :"We had a research conducted in North America. We saw there is a market for this. We will manufacture and sell dishwashers of the standards they want. We have a technical infrastructure suitable for this. We will invest in China if we can. We will buy any facility appropriate for us."

The white goods market in Europe especially in Germany, France, and UK shrank Ozdemir claimed and he related the fall to the increasing elderly population and the absence of new purchases.

Arcelik wants to increase the market share in these countries from 1.4 percent to two percent, the general manager added. "This means selling more goods, more endorsement. This means doubling the company's endorsement within five years."

Ozdemir noting they continue to grow by besting their rivals in the international platform reported the number of companies abroad reached 12 with the factory in Russia. Arcelik sells products to more than 100 countries in the world. Indicating the white goods capacity that reached 11 million will increase by 26 percent, Ozdemir explained an eight percent growth realized in white goods sales and highlighted an important increase in the demand for refrigerators especially.

Regarding the claims that Beko and Arcelik will unite, Ozdemir noted: "Our international brand is Beko. Beko and Arcelik are associate companies. They will not unite,"

In 2006, the company will reach a capacity of 4.5 million in refrigerators-1.5 million of which will be in Romania-, 3.5 million in washing machines, two million in ovens, 1.2 million in dishwashers, 200,000 in driers making it 11 million in total.


Re: Arcelik: We will Wash US''s Dishes
Perhaps they need to give some thought to having an acceptable brand name ;o)

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