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The Derbyshire Times has reported that a Beko dishwasher has gone on fire in a customer's home causing damage to the house.

Beko dishwasher goes on fire

We only have what has been reported so far for this one incident and we have to stress that there have been no other incidents of a Beko dishwasher fire at this time and there is absolutely no reason to doubt the statement form Beko that this is an isolated incident that may have been caused by any number of issues that are not Beko's responsibility. Until a full investigation is carried out and the cause is know it would be unfair to comment further.

A spokeman for Beko said that, “We deeply regret any incident involving one of our products and sincerely apologise to Mr Knowles and his family.

“Investigations are ongoing, however we believe that this is an isolated incident and we are working closely with the relevant parties to determine the cause.”

Carl James-Reynolds
Beko dishwasher dangerously faulty
I have just found the plug melting on my Beko dishwasher. Replaced it and the new plug gets hot. Will contact Beko tomorrow.
Victoria Richardson
Beko Dishwasher smoking
Just adding to this i have just the fire brigade here, smoke filling house-it was the Beko dishwasher- hot plug melting plastic as well at the back of the machine
Sue Smith
Samantha Neil
Beko dishwasher
Smelt burning plastic in my kitchen during the day whilst disher washer was on didn\'t thing any thing of it. Then put it on just before going to bed and smelt the same burning plastic, then smoke came from behind dishwasher. My husband pulled out and plug was sparking and hot. The cable was hot and plug burnt completely if 5 minutes later and the plug socket would have been alight. Electics didn\'t trip even though new rcd unit. I have a lil baby and normally on my own so completely scared to use anything now.
Katie Rourke Dowding
Beko dishwasher
I\'ve just had exactly the same experience Samantha! Model number: DFN28R31X Thankfully my husband was home and able to pull the dishwasher out of the units to unplug it. As it was full with dishes and water at the time I probably wouldn\'t have been able to do it on my own and GOD ALONE knows what the consequences might have been...

My new beko slimline just caught fire 5 minutes ago, luckily I hadn't gone to bed
sharon jones
hidid a google search when my beko dishwasher almost caught fire, kitchen filled with smoke which stunk of electrical only thing on was the dishwasher.. i quicky unplugged it as the plug and cable were very hot, lucky i was in at the time as i usually put it on either before i go to work or before i go to bed! will be contacting beko tomorrow - oh and for some reason it didnt trip my very sensitive electric box?
Katie Rourke Dowding
BEKO Dishwasher
EXACTLY the same thing happened to me last week Sharon! (Feb 18). I\'m having a hell of a job convincing either or BEKO to do anything other than send a 2nd engineer out with more parts to try and fix it. How was yours resolved in the end?
Roger Waudby
Beko DW603 dishwasher
I am currently getting the run around from Beko as i reported a fault with the location of the wiring loom in the door and it has worn through due to opening and closing the door. This caused an electrical fault and could have started a fire or electrocuted someone. Still having to seen photos and run around when all they have to do is come and look at it, ableit it is 4 years old but it is still faulty and dangerous.

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