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The Argus reports that an investigation has been launched after a Beko tumble dryer burst into flames but we don’t think all may be what it appears.

Leah Nealgrove’s Beko tumble dryer burst into flames mid-cycle on November 10.

The tumble dryer is said to be one of a range that Beko are recalling because they can catch fire.

Beko tumble dryer burnt out after going on fireHowever the reports indicate that the dryer was in the garage at the time therefore thankfully, no one was injured.

As we have stated many times in the forums and in a number of articles: domestic appliances should not be installed in outbuildings or in areas where they may be subject to abnormal temperatures or moisture, especially so in cold weather.

Modern appliances have sensitive electric components and they generally cannot cope with being used outside of normal indoor room temperatures and, to do so may prove extremely dangerous. It could well prove that, in this case, this is the reason that for the incident.

Luckily Mr Williams, watched as 3ft flames shot out of it before managed to “wrestle” the tumble dryer into the garden before firefighters arrived.

Miss Nealgrove thinks it was faulty and wants an apology from the maker Beko, and Argos, where she bought it.

Speaking about the incident, Miss Nealgrove said: “My partner Craig took a load of washing out to the tumble dryer, which is in the garage due to a lack of space in the kitchen.

“A few minutes later my electricity tripped in my living room. My partner checked the fuse box and it showed the problem had come from the garage.

“He immediately went out to see what the problem was and found the tumble dryer on fire with flames between 2ft to 3ft coming out of it.

“He picked the tumble dryer up and wrestled it out on to the street to stop the fire from spreading.

“By this time I had heard his shouts and telephoned the fire brigade and they were on their way.

“We unreeled the garden hose and, as the tumble dryer was no longer attached to the electricity supply, hosed it down to put out the fire.”

She told how she bought the dryer from Argos in August 2012.

Following its delivery she had to move house as a result of a fire unrelated to the tumble dryer.

In January 2013 and April 2013, Beko contacted her through Argos, so they could inform her of a manufacturing fault with the tumble dryer that posed a potential fire risk.

She said Argos gave Beko her old details and she did not receive any warning or product recall notices. But we would have thought that would be exactly what the contact was for, given that the recall notice was issued in November 2012 as we reported.

Please, if you have a product that is subject to a recall or, that you receive a safety notice for, do not ignore it and act on the information.

A Beko spokesman said: “Beko was made aware of an incident that took place involving one of its condenser tumble dryers, which is the subject of an ongoing corrective action programme.

“We are currently investigating the incident and our claims team have been in contact to see how we can assist further. The safety of all our customers is Beko’s highest priority and we deeply regret any incident linked to one of our products.

“As a responsible manufacturer, Beko is still trying to track down a very small number of these 6kg and 7kg condenser tumble dryers.”

An Argos spokeswoman added: “We have launched an investigation into this case as a matter of urgency.”

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