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Beko have released a short video showing off what it envisages for the smart home of the future today and, it looks pretty cool.

Is Beko moving into the home automation sector

It looks cool for sure but is this a precursor to Beko moving into the home automation (HA) space and, if it is an indicator they’re going up against some mighty powerful technology players that are already vying to get a foothold in the HA arena.

Apple are entering with HomeKit, Samsung have SmartThings, LG has it’s smart hub thing and that’s before we even start to look at all the existing and established HA technologies out there right now.

Here’s the video…

It’s not all good news though as it’s only a conceptual thing and, if we’re brutally honest, getting so many technologies to work in harmony with one another is unlikely to work like this anytime soon. Unless of course you are prepared to commit to a home full of one brand of products.

The aim here is to promote the website which seems to be a Beko site and would suggest that Beko are looking to break out of large appliances and get into other areas such as smart mirrors and alarm clocks as shown among other things like automated window blinds.

We like our tech here at UKW and, we’ve been into home automation for a long time using a variety of different technologies and the problem we always have with these things straight out the gate is, what else does it talk to?

It could well be the case that this system Beko shows here will talk to other tech and play nice but most of these systems thus far, largely Samsung, LG, Whirlpool and Electrolux don’t. They will talk to other products under the same brand or group but that’s about it.

You might not think that important but what happens if you want the lights to switch off or on when the blinds open or close and they happen to be Philips Hue or Z Wave or a myriad of others. Or the alarm clock to offer the same functionality.

Then you have a problem.

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