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LG has filed a lawsuit against Arçelik and its affiliates Beko and Grundig, alleging unlicensed use of its freezer door ice-making technology in a number of its refrigeration products sold in Europe.

LG stated that it had decided to take legal action after negotiations with Arçelik and Beko Deutschland GmbH and Grundig Intermedia GmbH “failed to make headway”. Which his likely to be corporate speak for, Beko refused to pay them.

The dispute centres around technology was developed by LG for its side-by-side refrigerator models. It is said to take up less space than conventional in-door ice makers.

LG said that in June this year it licensed Haier to use this technology in its GE appliances.

In a statement, Jeon Saeng-gyu, executive vice-president of LG’s Intellectual Property Centre, said: “We continue to proactively protect our intellectual property and will respond vigorously to the unauthorised use of our patented technologies.

“As international competition over innovation increases, it is more important than ever that we protect our investments in research and development.”

Meanwhile Arçelik said: “We have not yet received any formal correspondence regarding the lawsuit filed by LGE at the Munich Court on 24th September, 2019. A statement will issued after receiving the official notice.”

Looks to be a minor spat really that will probably get resolved with a cheque at some point.

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