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Obviously not satisfied with the bling of the Swarovski fridge freezer Slovenian manufacturer Gorenje has teamed up with French design company Ora Ita, the brand name of the designer Ito Morabito and, has come up with some futuristic "Blade Runner" looking applainces.

Of course the Koreans have been here before with employing designers to add credence and jazz up a range but it's nothing new and for the most part seems to be invariably unsuccessful in the UK.

So we've had the garish red Korean washing machines from Samsung, some wacky looking fridge freezers, acrylic washing machines and now we have something that looks like this.

The Gorenje Ora Ito kitchen applainces

I guess it's okay if you happen to be a big fan of Star Trek but and, this is just a wild guess, I don't think that will fit in too well with most British kitchens. To be fair the design is not unattractive for the actual appliances themselves, I just think that you would get tired of the look quickly.

Added to which keeping all those nice gloss black surfaces clean may well prove to be a bit of a chore.

The Gorenje Ora Ito oven door

The range includes ovens, hobs, hoods, fridge freezers and decor panels for a dishwasher and microwave. No pricing is listed as yet.

The Gorenje Ora Ito minisite is available from this link

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