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Gorenje have launched snappily named the NRK67358E fridge freezer that has the ability to record and play back voice messages.

Gorenje reckon it will appeal to busy families on the go, we wonder how they reached that conclusion. The fridge freezer also comes with an integrated AM/FM radio, a touch-control screen and 'cookbook hints and tips'.

Gorenje claim this fridge freezer model is A+ rated for energy, has an 'eco' temperature mode, auto freezer defrost plus fast-freeze and fast-cool options. So, nothing out of the ordinary there.

It also comes equipped with a "partial frost free" system that eliminates moisture in the freezer but not the fridge sections - meaning, it says, fruit and veg stored in the fridge will stay fresher and crisper for longer. And, nothing really new there either just that it's not an air driven fridge, which is a bit cheap considering the price of this thing, if that's what Gorenje actually means.

The shocker is that this fridge freezer is expected to cost around £1,800 - you can find your nearest shop and more details via the Gorenje website. We doubt that anyone will be rushing out to buy one and, we doubt very much that this is "the next big thing" in refrigeration.

Cheaper solution, buy a digital DAB radio and a voice memo recorder... done. Then pocket the considerable saving you will make or, even better, buy a Liebherr

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