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Details at this time are very, very sketchy as we've only just received initial reposts but, indications would seem to suggest that Gorenje is about to buy Swedish Asko, which is part of the Italian Antonio Merloni group and the end of 2008 from a bankruptcy, it was reported on Thursday.

Reportedly earlier this month, Gorenje announced that it is continuing with a positive business performance trend in the first quarter.

On May 20th, the Board of Directors will bring for approval the IFC Credit Committee's recent approval of the IFC's equity and debt investment in Gorenje

Asko produces household appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines

Of course not so long ago Gorenje were said to have had financial problems of their own brought about by the financial markets and the trouble globally so, quite where they would find the cash or the finance to secure this deal is unknown at present.

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