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Gorenje's SensoCARE washing machine and sensor controlled induction hob IQcook both won red dot design awards. Both appliances were designed by the Gorenje Design Studio. The red dot awards had a record-breaking 4,515 applications submitted in Gorenje's product category.

Gorenje wins Red Dot awards for its Sensocare washing machine and induction hob

"The concept of new generation washing machines and dryers was based on the market response to the previous generation, on research and tests by final users, and research of key markets and Gorenje's position in the home appliance market," explained Mrs. Lidija Pritrznik, creative director at Gorenje Design Studio and co-designer of the award-winning washing machine. "Our design team paid a lot of attention to superior user experience and simplicity of use, while looking for aesthetic perfection that airs the technological competence and quality of the product on the one hand, while speaking in a unique, distinctive language of visual arts through the comfort of use on the other. The washing machine front panel is visually conceived in a way that makes selection much easier for the user, without posing any restrictions on custom adjustments and settings of the machine."

"We approached design predominantly from the user's aspect," added co-designer Mr. Borut Kerzic. "We employed highlighted user interface elements, ergonomically positioned handles, and brief and concise instructions to enhance the way the appliance is used. The perforation of the drum and the ribs, which is reminiscent of a washboard that our grandmothers used to wash the laundry, adds an emotional element to the very core of the appliance."

The SensoCARE appliances were part of a latest-generation laundry appliances launch at the 2011 IFA trade fair in Berlin. The appliances are currently being launched in various European markets. The top models have a "A+++ -20%" rating, which means they use 20% less power than an "A+++" appliance.

Gorenje also launched its IQcook induction hob it the 2011 IFA event. The cooktop has intelligent sensor technology to allow safe and controlled cooking, and the technology enables optimizing the cooking temperature to provide up to 40% of power savings relative to conventional induction hobs.

Mr. Matevz Popic designed the cooktop with Gorenje's development team.

"We paid attention to detail that bears a key effect on simple use of the sensor technology and overall aesthetics," said Popic. "The mobile sensor is attached to the lid by means of a magnet and is suitable for different lid contours."

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