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Currys have started an offer to allow discount codes to be applied at their online store this morning until the 14th of August. The offer could allow people to actually buy products below trade prices!

The discount codes are as follows in the main article. Currys Discount Codes:

AW10AUG = £10 off when you spend over £100

AW30AUG = £30 off when you spend over £300

AW60AUG = £60 off when you spend over £600

AW100AUG = £100 off when you spend over £999

AW120AUG = £120 off when you spend over £1,500

These codes can only be used on Currys online store and not in-store or for telephone orders. The banner below will take you to the Currys homepage where you can use the codes if you need to order anything.

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