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Samsung and LG have both failed, miserably, to introduce appliances such as washing machines and ovens that talk to other devices and services over the internet and to other devices such as smartphones and tablets but now Panasonic has decided to have a crack at the concept with its Eluga line.

Panasonic come up with phones that will talk to your oven

Panasonic are set to launch new Eluga line smartphones that will sync with its household appliances, including its ovens and rice cookers, from this summer. We can only wonder for the moment how long it will take before there is a "revolutionary" connection to Panasonic fridge freezers and washing machines.

The new phones, will be available under Japanese NTT DoCoMo, and for now are only being released in Japan so far as we can tell but the Panasonic Eluga line is already available in Europe albeit only one phone at this time.

At a demonstration in Tokyo, the company showed how they can download recipes and beam cooking settings to appliances via RFID chips, play video streamed from a digital recorder, and wirelessly send photos to TVs. You can see more in the short news report below from IDG.

Industry analysts suggest that manufacturers like Panasonic and Sony are striving to create household ecosystems for their products, hoping interactive features between devices and appliances will lure consumers. Such companies have yet to establish industry standards, however, meaning little connectivity exists between different brands which is where all these types of system seem to fall down, especially when faced with a tech savvy audience of buyers.

Panasonic will sell two models of its Android based phone which is derived from the European model, with a 4.6-inch screen. It will also launch a larger device, with a 5.0-inch screen and a quick charging feature that powers up half the battery in 30 minutes, as well as support for DoCoMo's high-speed LTE network.

Both Panasonic phones are billed as being water and dust resistant, which is probeblay a good thing if they are left kicking about a kitchen.

And still we have to ask... why?

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