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Panasonic, another company that doesn’t really appear to be doing terribly well, has said it will end its vacuum cleaner development business in North America at the end of March.

Basically so far as we can gather the reason being that as its vacuum business is failing against cheaper competition and of course it’s not as funky as Dyson (even if they aren’t very good) or as top notch as Miele or Sebo. So, that kinda leaves Panasonic’s vacuum cleaner division in a bit of a limbo.

Panasonic set up a plant for its vacuum cleaners in Kentucky in 1990, and along with another plant in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, has produced 600,000 units a year, which are then sold on to Sears department store under a special agreement.

But Panasonic said that sales have been falling in the face of stiff competition and they will will continue to sell vacuum cleaners in the US however they will be sourced through consignment production at local factories, or shipped in from its plant in Malaysia.

So the Kentucky plant will close at the end of March, while the Mexican plant operations will be switched from vacuum cleaners to car seat warmers and other auto equipment from April, officials from Panasonic said.

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