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Panasonic has revealed a washing machine that is designed by none other than Porsche and to save you reading further on one point, no it doesn't go faster!


porche washing machine

This new Panasonic "ALPHA" washing machine has bee designed or at least touched by Porsche's design studio and to be fair, it does look pretty good. IF the internal dirty bits are as good it may be an attractive option for some people.

But it does go further and addresses a problem we bang on about all the time as in the press release it says that; “In order to prevent the buildup of mould and unpleasant smells, at the end of the washing cycle the loading opening of the washer opens 20 mm.

“In this way, air can circulate inside the washing machine drum and the drying process can begin even without opening the door of the washer"

Clever eh?

Here's the bad news though, we don't have any pricing but knowing other Porsche designed products, do not expect it to be cheap. Not even a bit cheap.

And, you can't buy one we're afraid as for now at least, the model is only available to the Chinese market.

While it's not radical technology wise it is refreshing to see a different design being applied to freshen up how a washing machine might look and, even better it's not just a concept product.

porche washing machine

porche washing machine

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