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Eros Group the sole distributors of Hitachi Products in UAE and one of the leading players in consumer electronics, telecom,home appliances, air conditioning and allied multi products in the Middle East Region, today announced the introduction of the world's first Airjet Dry Top Loading Twin Tub Washing Machine from Hitachi.

This Airjet Dry System increases the drying power of the washing machine by increasing the volume of circulating air inside the washing machine making it the fastest drying top loading washing machine, the new Air Jet from Hitachi is available in all Eros Group outlets in the UAE.

Announcing the same, Mr Deepak J Babani, Chief Executive Officer, Eros Group said, 'With the launch of an innovative product like the new Air Jet, Hitachi has engineered a new phase of development where the drying capability of top loading washing machines is greatly enhanced to give best drying results this coupled with the powerful washing system makes the new Hitachi Air Jet dry washing machines the most complete washing system and technology'.

Using air room temperature, the revolutionary Air Jet dries clothes while they're still inside the washing machine. Air is sucked into the centre of the washing tub at high power, then spirals up and around the inner wall. At the top the air mixes with fresh air being sucked in to continue the cycle and dry the contents of the tub. Perfect for busy households, the Air Jet leaves clothes more dry, tangle-free and ready to wear once ironed. And because the air is not heated, it won't damage the clothes like a dryer can.

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