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After the success of Affresh a new product is being launched, first in the USA and later by us (UK Whitegoods) in the UK that serves as a powerful cleaning system to get rid of smells from your washing machine we are also about to stock the new powerful Affresh Cleaning Kit which cleans not only the machine's drum and tub but also the door seal as well.

Affresh washing machine cleaning tablets were first introduced in September 2007 and added to UK whitegoods earlier this year. Now, Whirlpool introduces the next generation of the washer cleaner -- the Affresh washer cleaning kit. The kit includes Power Puck(TM) tablets and Grit Grabber(TM) cloths to more effectively remove and prevent odor-causing residue than using bleach alone. The Power Puck tablets use oxygenated bubbling action to penetrate and remove residue that can accumulate where it is hard to reach -- behind the washer drum. The specially formulated Grit Grabber cloths give added power to clean where they can reach by breaking up residue around the rubber door seal and detergent dispenser and locking it into the cloth.

"While not every washer will experience odor, it's possible in all washers. Due to their efficient design, modern high efficiency washing machines seal more tightly and use less water than older, less efficient washers which increases the potential for residue to build-up," said Mary Zeitler, home economist for the Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science. "Just like a high-performance sports car needs an oil change, high efficiency washing machines need routine maintenance every 30 days for peak performance. Even non-HE washers can benefit from regular tender loving care with Affresh."

Odour may occur when residue from detergents, lint, sloughed off skin cells and soil accumulates in areas of the washer where water cannot rinse. The new Affresh(R) kit offers a comprehensive approach to odour-causing residue by enabling consumers to clean both around the washer door and hard-to-reach areas behind the washer drum. Use of the new Affresh Cleaning Kit should not replace routine washer maintenance recommended in the washer's Use and Care Guide. Routine measures such as leaving the door open after each load and using only high-efficiency detergents in the proper amount can also help reduce the occurrence of odour.

The new Affresh Cleaning Kit is available for pre-order and we hope to have UK stock sometime before mid-October, hopefully sooner.

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