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In a report that caught out eye today it is claimed that the UK population is bordering on illiteracy when they try to wash clothes according to their cleaning instructions.

This will not come as a shock to any appliance technician as a whole heap of "faults" are down to people simply not understand or using their washing machine correctly.

Apparently a shocking eight out of 10 adults aged 18 to 25 admit they have absolutely no idea what washing instructions on clothing labels actually mean.

Seven out of 10 26 to 39-year-olds (68%) don't even bother to read washing directions before throwing their threads in the washing machine.

According to the study it appears that the only age group who love labels are those over 40 with 81% regularly reading the instructions. And, even at that many people don't bother to actually follow them!

It is hardly surprising then, in light of the revelations revealed in a poll of 2,016 UK adults by laundry care expert Dr Beckmann, that adults aged between 18 and 25 throw away three times as many clothes as those aged 40 or over.

They "spoil" on average three garments a year by washing them at the wrong temperature and in the same wash as other non-colourfast clothes.

This lack of knowledge is also costly as the "twentysomethings" throw away over £400m. worth of clothes a year.

But even though we admit we're a nation of dunces when it comes to our dirty laundry, we're also a country, which doesn't believe it has time to correct its errors. Some 37% of women have admitted they would simply throw away a stained item of clothing rather than try to salvage it with a stain remover.

Cleaning guru Kim Woodburn from TV's "How Clean is Your House" believes the UK's under-25's need washing machine lessons to bring them up to speed.

She said: "Under 25-year-olds are label illiterate, they don't know how to care for their clothes and need educating via their parents. It's not good enough that adults can reach that age and not know how to read and understand simple washing instructions on clothes.

"Young adults are too pampered these days and are used to their parents doing their washing while they are at university and even still living at home.

"When they are dropped into the real world they haven't a clue about washing so they buy new clothes instead of getting the stains out of the ones they already have. It's ridiculous they can't use a washing machine properly at that age.

"They could do with lessons on label reading "“ this would not only save them time and frustration at ruining their favourite clothes, but they could save lots of money, too."

So if you have an issue with your laundry, next time before you call an engineer, at least make an effort to ensure that you are washing your laundry correctly. You will find a mass of information on this within our Advice & Help Section which you can reach from the link.

You could save yourself a fortune by not throwing away clothes that you shouldn't have to.

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