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Three year old Lewis Wrench from Crewe sadly lost his arm when a faulty washing machine allowed him to open the machine whislt it was spinning.

Toddler's arm ripped off by faulty washing machine

Lewis's mother, Rachel Wrench, from Crewe, was in the living room when she heard screaming and found his left arm in the machine on 11 September.

Police investigated but have passed the matter to Trading Standards officers who are examining the rented machine. The washing machine has been taken away for examination by local Trading Standards investigators.

The boy, who may have to undergo further surgery and will receive a prosthetic arm, was reportedly trying to help his mother by filling the machine with clothes.

Lewis's arm was torn off just below the shoulder and he was taken to hospital, but doctors were unable to re-attach his limb.

Ms Wrench said: “When I asked him about what had happened he said ‘I opened the door and went round and round and round and I banged my head and then my arm fell off’.

“When I rushed in, the machine was still going. I switched it off and scooped him up and ran screaming to my neighbours. There was blood everywhere. It was horrible seeing him like that. My daughter Kadie (five) came in and saw the state he was in... she’s been very traumatised. I can’t believe he was able to open the door so easily. It was terrifying. I’m devastated.”

Since the accident police, friends and family have raised money to treat Lewis to a trip to Disneyland.

A Cheshire Police spokeswoman said: "Inquiries took place to determine the sequence of events which resulted in the child receiving the injuries.The investigation was then passed over to Trading Standards. Staff were so moved by the horrific incident they felt the need to raise money for the family. Different departments have donated prizes which will be raffled off at a later date."

The washing machine is reported to be a Creda 800 although no more details are known at this time about the washing machine itself.

There has of course been speculation by the engineers in our trade forums that, somehow, the door interlock that acts as a safety device that will not allow the washing machine to operate if the door isn't closed and locks the door when the machine is running, has been by-passed. On some washing machine models this can be done but it would usually take deliberate effort to do so.

This tragedy however does highlight that bodged repairs or attempts to circumvent safety devices in appliances are designed to protect people. It's just a shame that something like this has to happen to highlight that fact.

firstly my sympathy goeas out to this family I cannot think of a worse thing to happen to one of your own children. It will be interesting for those of us in the trade to find out why this tragedy has occurredIn the past I have been asked by customers to bypass locks, have found old pecker machines with the cable tied up so door will open on spin also found machine with the lock shorted out by other people including cowboy engineers. From my part its more than my jobs worth and i have disabled machins for this fault before now Its rare for locks under 10 years old to activate and still open door. there was a spate of ariston machines years ago that through wear on the latch plate allowed the door to open and still be locked but ariston had a mod kit to repair it I await the results from trading standards and would help in that endeavour if asked Dave
dr X
now in this case, only the 2 partys involved know the true facts of the case. the only facts that can be ascertained from the article is its an ancient machine, and its a rented appliance. and the 2 together never normally provide a happy outcome... the biggest loser of course is the poor kid, who will be forever be inconvenienced, at the very least by this incident, and i hope if anyone out there has seen this and knows they are completely responsible for the outcome, and could have done somehting to avoid this happening, because they know they did something they shouldnt have, can have the balls to actually come forward and say so...
dr X
i cant see it being a bodged repair as such. its been stated in the press its a rented appliance, so in theory it should have recieved regular checks and been properly maintained. the question that lingers in my mind is not whats gone wrong, as thats pretty obvious, but why, and my gut feeling is its an unscrupulous renter who has shafted a crap appliance out to a family without a lot of cash, expecting a high rate of return. however, in the renters defence, no one can be sure of this, and i know of occasions where the possibility that sometimes a family has approached a potential renter, and said "i cant afford that i need to rent something cheaper" and in good faith the renter has issued an appliance that is below the expected standard but only through pressure from the requirer, if that makes sense.
Patrick Bonner
Hi, My heart goes out to the family I have my own ideas what caused the fault, will follow this closelywhere can I keep up to date with the investigation does this model have thee old safety pecker on the motor like the older modelsPatrick Bonner

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