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Ebac is edging ever closer to launching the new British made washing machines have launched a website to find out about consumers and experts demands allowing us our first look at the new machines.

Ebac saya the website will allow designers to tailor its products to market needs.

Ebac's new washing machine in various colours and patterns

Whether you will be able to get all the colours shown on Ebac's new website is presently unknown but it does offer some "interesting" choices.

Pamela Petty, managing director, said: “This is a great chance for people to shape the next generation of British-made washing machines.

“We have done a lot of research, but the people who use the machines are the real experts.”

Mrs Petty previously said that Ebac hopes to start making the machines in September, with production line equipment due to be installed in the summer.

The firm, which already manufactures water coolers, dehumidifiers and heat pumps, employs about 200 workers and says it could make more than 100,000 appliances in the North-East.

Mrs Petty added: “The washing machine market is very competitive, but we are confident we can do well.

“It's a technological shift for us because we are the leader in two niche markets.

“However, there is no glaring reason why we can't make and sell washing machines profitably in the UK.”

When Ebac goes live as planned for later this year it will become the only known producer of domestic washing machines in the UK

You can find the new website from this link

Ebac's new washing machine

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