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A Polish firm, Solgaz, is marketing an innovative kitchen appliance, a built in gas hob that has no open flame.

The 'gas-under-glass' stove is made in a plant in Swidnica, south-west Poland, and has already found customers at thanks to its efficiency, which inventors say is 50% higher than traditional gas stoves.

The president of Solgaz, the firm behind the invention, explained that this is achieved thanks to very effective burning of the gas inside the stove.

Mieczyslaw Kaczmarczyk, Solgaz President: "Inside there are highly effective, catalytic gas burners which superbly burn the gas. Their feature is that the combustion of gas is at a very high temperature, about 800 degrees [Celsius]. Therefore, this gas burns completely and it burns very accurately. Harmful gases such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxides are not produced."

The stove can be used anywhere where supplying the current needed for an electrical stove might be difficult - such as older buildings where the infrastructure doesn't allow it, or in places that use gas as the main heating source.

Mr Kaczmarczyk also added that, "The ordinary user is our greatest market, a person who has a kitchen and just wants to cook something at home. But the flameless gas stoves are also suitable for yachts and suitable for caravans so here we also have customers from this segment too, but 90 per cent of our clients are regular home kitchen users."

Initially, the hob was designed by a former engineer of the company for his wife, but the solution proved so effective that after several years of tests and research it was adopted for production.

When or if this type of hob will be avaialble in the UK is not currently known.

The promo video is below.

Jerzy Szczachor
ceramic gas hob
Witam. Mam kilka pytan odnosnie plyty gazowej bez plomieni? 1.Czy ta kuchenka ma certyfikar CE i BS (british standard) 2.w jakich warunkach taka plyta moze byc instalowana lub nie. Jakej jest mocy taka kuchenka? 4. Czy ta kuchenka posiada tzw safety cut out czyli jezeli plomien zgasnie ( z jakiegos powodu) to czy gas zostanie odciety automatycznie? 5. Czy mogl bym prosic o przeslanie instrukcji instalacyjnej w jezyku angielskim jezeli jest to mozliwe? dziekuje i pozdrawiam

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