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I see a lot of new appliances being launched and, all too often, they are the usual dull boxes with a new quick wash feature, some door bar, icemaker or other such slight enhancement. Over the twenty odd years I've been in this trade I've also seen some strange things, mostly from the Far East that have, unsurprisingly, never caught people's imaginations.

What follows is the single most insane design I've ever laid eyes on!

The midsection is designed to be like the trunk of a tree, and it has five containers arrayed around it that resemble the branches of the tree. Push the foot switch and the motorised main section opens.

It appears that you can store pieces of fruit in its branch-like modules and ,when you take out a piece of fruit, it feels like you're picking it off a tree.

Then there's the birdbox where we presume you would refrigerate eggs, plucking them from their nest when it's time for breakfast. Totally mad!

Somehow though we can't see it catching on as even we're not quite ready for a fridge this insane. Funnily enough though the concept was desinged by Chuan Shi, Wenying Lu, Chuan Shi & Yu Li, why does this not come as a surprise to me I wonder.

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