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A story has been floated by some experts although generally in the technology field rather than in appliances, that the new Apple iPad may be the saviour of the internet fridge.

If you're a regular reader of the site you will already be aware that we don't much care for connected appliances and, it would appear due to their speedy demise, that the people that use them and buy them don't either. But, whether we like it or not the iPad is being hailed as a possible saviour of the internet fridge.

The Apple iPad may talk to your fridge soon Just picture the scene, you open the fridge and retrieve a pizza and you're about to close the fridge door when your iPad beeps. You glance at the iPad, where a diet management iPad app has automatically opened and is flashing the message: "You have already exceeded your calorie quota for today - put the pizza back!"

We're thinking that not too many people are going to go for that.

There has been wide experimentation with connected appliances and, almost every major manufacturer has tried it, at least once with Gorenje even trying a fridge that had an iPod dock built into it. They've all failed to gain any traction in the market.

There are many reasons for this of course but we suspect the main one is simply this, people are not prepared to pay for flashy gizmos that they just don't need.

No doubt this iPad fad will quickly disappear based on what we know about these appliances. 

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