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It is reported that a massive fire which destroyed six flats was started after a pensioner used a red hot paint stripper to defrost a freezer.

An 85 year old man is thought to have been blasted across a kitchen when the electrical appliance exploded at a property in affluent Thorntonhall on the edge of Glasgow.

He suffered smoke inhalation but is reported to be otherwise uninjured and police have said he won’t be charged.

Residents at six luxurious flats had to be evacuated but they also avoided serious injury.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service sent eight fire fighters to the three-story block when a “major fire” took hold, but they also had to leave amid fears the structure could collapse.

It is understood the building is so badly damaged by the fire that is may now have to be completely demolished.

The event took place on April 29 but details about the cause of the blaze are only now beginning to emerge.

The pensioner is understood to have been using a heat gun designed for removing paint to defrost his freezer but these heat guns can reach temperatures of 400C.

Safety guides advise users that they can cause highly flammable items to catch fire. Like, you know, iso-butane gases in fridges and freezers!

Fridges and freezers also contain insulation which, when ignited, causes fires that spread quickly, giving off toxic gases. Setting them alight is not a good idea!

A source close to the investigation, who asked not to be named, told The Glasgow Herald: “He was using a paint stripping device, which we would refer to as a heat gun, to defrost the freezer.

“There are components in fridge freezers which can explode. They are quite dangerous, particularly if certain devices are used to defrost them.

“He’s very, very fortunate to have escaped without serious injury. It was a major fire.”

Just because you find somewhere on the internet some “person” telling you to do stuff like this does not make it okay or even safe, some of the information out there is positively scary and downright dangerous.

It understood it could be weeks before the insurance company makes a decision on the building but an insider at South Lanarkshire Council said it could be flattened.

“They may have to demolish it,” said the source, who asked not to be named. “It’s completely unsafe. So it’s uninhabitable.

“The residents are absolutely devastated. They have lost everything. Many are now staying with relatives. They are scattered all over the place.

“And we don’t know how long it will take to rebuild the flats – it could be years.”

A contractor at the site stated that: “We’ve taken the roof off and we're clearing the debris so that we can properly investigate - but there's a possibility it will have to be demolished.”

We’re going to take a wild stab here and say that the chap’s neighbours are not going to be happy campers, mainly because they’re now camping due to his efforts.

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