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I am at present talking to vdo dayton to see if I can arrange a bulk purchase of the following system.

I have been using this system for the past 2 1/2 years without any problems at all and find it saves massive amount of time and diesel not having to go round in circles looking for roads and finding youve just passed it.the average cost of this system fitted is approx £1500 but it only takes about 3 hours to fit yourself considering you should have already wiring circuit experience or i was charged £130 to have one fitted into my volvo this year. if your interested e-mail me and hopefully we can get the price for unfitted units down to a reasonable amount.

Fleet management with VDO Dayton

More efficient planning of vehicle use and more effective deployment of capacity through optimum fleet management means that every mile travelled with the MS 5000 pro from VDO Dayton directly benefits the bottom line.

16:9, 5.8" Widescreen Colour Monitor with Integrated Loudspeaker
Scrolling Map/Split Screen
Dynamic Navigation (requires MT 5010 TMC Receiver)
8 route choices
21 Voices (male/female) in 9 Languages
6 Day/Night Colour Settings
PC 5100 Car Navigation Computer System
Illuminated IR/Wired Remote Control
CCI Fleet Software allows interaction between control centre and driver
Open Architecture, ready for integration into external systems
Easy Connection to other external components
External application provides an additional button to the start menu
Accurate positioning
Flexible messaging via text messages displayed on the screen of the Navigation System
Precision routing
Effective cost reduction

FM 5100 Fleetmanager (Tracking and Communication)
CA 5100 COM - CCI Data Link Cable
MT 5010 TMC Receiver

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