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Using a handheld mobile phone while driving is to be made illegal.

Ministers say the new offence is to take effect from 1 December this year, with offenders fined £30 initially - rising to a maximum £1,000 if their case goes to court.

Those caught breaking the ban would also get three penalty points on their driving licences for each offence.

Under current laws motorists can only be prosecuted for using mobiles if they fail to keep proper control of their vehicle - there is no actual law specifically prohibiting the use of mobiles while driving.

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Kenneth Watt
Re: Mobile Phone Ban May Affect Service Engineers
Probably is, but as a smoker I'm not going to admit to it. ;)

Was it not Clarkson that said we should all be banned from driving if we had a cold as, when you sneeze, you close your eyes for so long and you could travel 300yds or something at 70mph in that time.

Re: Mobile Phone Ban May Affect Service Engineers
So if its dangerous to hold mobile phone and talk then does that mean smoking whilst driving is going to be a more serious offence shortly?holding a naked flame next to your face whilst lighting your fag,with a vehicle full of flammable materials ect and what happens when you drop the fag and dive to catch it before it lands on your lap or seat.personly i feel that smoking whilst driving is more of a hazard.

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