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Finally some might say, washing machine production start in the UK once again by Ebac after a period of about ten years of no washing machine production in Britain. But Ebac has eyes on producing other appliances as well.

Ebac Chairman John Elliott told the BBC that "This will be competitive with everything out there, have the right price and the right features.

"We've got to be competitive, people won't pay more - and they shouldn't pay more - for a British-made product.

"We'll be winding production up slowly and in 18 months' time this could be going flat out and employing 100 more people."

n another report though he opened up and told The Northern Echo “There is a lot of demand for the washers and it seems we’ve got it right.

“We will build up work in a controlled way and in three years I hope we can be three times bigger than we are today.

“Maybe we have done the most difficult one first with washing machines?

“They have got to be tough because they do a lot of hard work, so it was vital we got it right.

“Tumble-dryers, washer dryers, dishwashers, it is much the same.

“This is the beginning, it is not the end.

“We really need to start thinking about expansion because we sometimes forget how good we are.

“We make the best dehumidifiers in the world and our watercoolers are up there too.”

Currently Ebac is looking to expand into the US market with its water coolers.

Of course we don’t yet know how good or bad the machines are and, given that we are led to believe that service is to be carried out by 0800 Repair / JTM Services we may well not know for some time unless Ebac want to send us a machine to evaluate.

Supply does seem to limited for the time being with most live dealers being in the North of England only for the moment.

But it is indeed a welcome return of washing machine production to the UK nonetheless with launch models slated to be available to buy now.

Maybe someone should tell Boris Johnstone to trade up to a new Ebac and support the UK. Sorry, we just had to.

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