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You may or may not have known about the robotic vacuum cleaner craze that is currently sweeping (no pun intended) the world and, if you were not and you are in the trade it may be an area worth looking at.

There has of course been other machines of the same, or similar ilk launched in the past year and it is known that Dyson have been working on one for some time. The most successful of them thus far is the Roomba from iRobot (review in the reviews section) but it appears that Electrolux is the first of the traditional major appliance manufacturers to bring one to market. No doubt Hoover etc. will all follow the lead as usual and launch their own versions on the theme in due course.

Strange that thus far none of these products seem to address the current facination that customers seem to have seeing there dirt off the floors whirl round and round in a clear plastic tank though, maybe Dyson can pick up there where others have feared (or not bothered) to tread.

How good is it? I don't know as no-one has let me have one to play with yet but it would have to be pretty good to beat the Roomba, especially given the huge price premium over the new kid on the block in this market segment. One major plus point of the Trilobite is that it recharges itself, a major sticking point with the Roomba currently. However if someone cares to lend me one I'll write a review after I try it out.

Anyway for your browsing pleasure you can find the dedicated website for the Trilobite here and see what you think of the idea for yourself.

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