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For those that may be too lazy or just rubbish at folding up they clothes a new San Fransisco based startup aims to give you a hand.


Well, not a hand exactly, more like a robot to do all that folding for you because, it’s just what life needs.

The robotic machine is currently still in the prototype stage is set to be released in 2017 and is expected to cost around $850 (£590). But we do not know presently whether it will come to the UK or not.

It is claimed the machine can complete three different processes - folding, streaming, and de-wrinkling. This is possible for shirts, trousers and towels.

Foldmate said it takes up to 10 seconds to fold each item, while de-wrinkling will take 20 to 30 seconds per time. Depending on fabric thickness they say that the machine to take 10 to 30 items per load.

"FoldiMate is like having a friend that folds the laundry for you," the company explains on its website.

"Even if you fold faster than clipping, folding a full load of laundry is akin to using a dishwasher over doing the dishes by hand."

Of course the machine will come Wi-Fi enabled. The purpose of the connection is unclear although perhaps it’s so it can coordinate the robot priding with other robots around the world, who knows? 

We’re afraid there is some bad news though, as you might expect. The company's website says that it will not be able to automatically fold smaller or larger items. It also won't be able to replace ironing of dress shirts.

The Foldimate says that "FoldiMate will fold and treat most of your laundry (e.g. shirts, pants, towels). Except for large items like linen or small items like underwear or socks."

So basically then, it’s £600 or whatever to get your shirts and trousers folded, not ironed oh no, just folded.

We can’t see this one flying but you never know, we might be wrong.

But anyway, here’s a video of the contraption.

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