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The report sums up the development of the global and Chinese washing machine markets in 2004. Through detailed data and full elaboration, it reveals from various angles the structure of China's washing machine market, the features of supply and demand relationship and the pattern of competition among leading vendors in different market segments. Meanwhile, it makes a comprehensive evaluation of the market competitiveness of leading vendors.

The report especially points out the following: In 2004, China's washing machine market maintained a momentum of fast growth, achieving a steady rise in both sales volume and sales revenue. Washing machine vendors dominated the market through price wars. Market price continued to drop and high-end rolling cylinder washing machine saw a big drop in price. These were the primary driving forces for the growth of the market throughout the whole year.

On one hand, a greater awareness of water and energy conservation and environmental protection became the primary factors for consumers to change washing machines.

On the other hand, as their income and standard of living gradually rise, urban residents in China generally have higher requirements for product quality and the quality of life.

The demand for higher-class garments has become the trend, resulting in more effective demand for high-end products from consumers. Demand in the whole washing machine market has also shown a momentum of steady rise.

Based on an in-depth analysis of major factors affecting the development of China's washing machine market from 2005-2009, the report presents qualitative and quantitative forecast of the development trend of the market. Finally, it provides pertinent market development strategies and recommendations.

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