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The Consumers' Institute of New Zealand said today that the maker of Finish PowerBall tablets will give refunds for damage and additional costs caused to dishwashers by the cleaning product.

Global home products company Reckitt Benckiser, maker of the Finish PowerBall tablets, told the Institute it will refund New Zealand consumer costs for damage to dishwashers.

Reckitt Benckiser also markets products under the Finish brand name in the United Kingdom, Italy, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan, and Korea, including PowerBall Tabs. PowerBall Tabs are marketed in North America under the Electrosol brand name and in Continental Europe under the Calgonit brand name.

It is not know if some or all of the PowerBall products sold in other markets are of a similar formulation to the New Zealand-sold product. Reckitt Benckiser dishwasher cleaning agents are said to be endorsed by leading dishwasher manufacturers. The cleaning products maker says its most popular Finish detergents are PowerBall Tabs, but it is unknown if the same potential for damage exists in products sold outside New Zealand.

Calls by APPLIANCE magazine to Reckitt Benckiser corporate headquarters in Berkshire in the United Kingdom were not answered.

Members of New Zealand's Consumers' Institute reported several cases of dishwashers being affected by the cleaning product, which is said to cause excessive foaming that can affect the switches in some dishwashers. One of the appliances identified as being affected is one of New Zealand's most popular models, the DishDrawer from Fisher & Paykel. The cleaning product packaging, the Consumers' Institute said, does not contain a warning of potential damage to dishwashers from its use.

Re: Dishwashers Reported Damaged By PowerBall Cleaning Tabs
Indeed I have seen a lot of complains by customers complaining about how bad there dishwasher is
But after I advised them to use powder ea tea spoon or 7 grams of powder detergent and to concentrate on a good usage of rinsaid
Preferable included lemon
They can notice a drastic difference in cleanliness inside dishwasher and cups and plates etc
Thank u for this info I can use this to convince customers much easier
Happy customer always calls back

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