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Supermarket chain Asda has been forced to recall some 300,000 microwaves after complaints of overheating.

Three customers that we know about have contacted Asda stating that the Duraband microwave had been malfunctioning. Asda has released a statement instructing customers who had purchased the product to disconnect it from the mains supply and stop using it. But we'd suspect that there was more to this to warrant the recall of so many microwaves on such a seemingly urgent basis and that they obviously present an immediate danger. However Asda say that as the product was not manufactured with batch numbers, so Asda has decided to recall the entire range.

Asda said its initial investigation had uncovered a fault with the "Durabrand" microwave's timer mechanism and that no customers have been hurt.

"As we are concerned that this is a fire risk we have taken the decision to recall this model," the press release said,

The statement also claims that customers' money would be refunded once the microwaves were returned to Asda stores and that receipts were not required and that customers would be refunded as soon as they returned the faulty microwaves even if you don't have the receipt or original packing.

"It goes without saying we are very sorry indeed," said Asda.

An Asda spokesman has confirmed that some 300,000 units had been sold. The XB2316 model had retailed at £22.75.

The Asda spokesman added, "We take the health and safety of our customers very seriously that's why we have taken the decision to recall this product. Nobody has been hurt, but a couple of our customers have complained of the microwave overheating."

"All of our products are designed and tested to British Standards. We would encourage anyone who has bought this particular model to bring it back to store for a full refund."

The Asda customer helpline is 0500 100 055.

But for a microwave that costs less than £30 are we really surprised that it's poor quality... well, no, not really.

Re: Asda Forced To Recall 300,000 Microwaves
£6,825,000 in refunds if they all come back!


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