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A woman has spoken of her terror after her fridge exploded like a bomb leaving a path of devastation through her house.

Kathy Cullingworth, 55, was woken up with a fright in the early hours of the morning by the mysterious bang caused by the household appliance - the cause of which is still being investigated.

Kathy Cullingworth with her exploded Creda fridge freezer

Kathy, of Normanton, West Yorkshire, said: "I didn't have a clue what was going on, there was an almighty explosion and the whole house shook - it felt like an earthquake.

"I thought that a bomb had gone off, or that a lorry had run into my house - I could hear glass smashing downstairs."

The fridge freezer, a Creda Integrated fridge freezer BM20, was installed in the house in 2001 and was under warranty but there is still a mystery to what caused the blast.

Kathy said: "There was nothing in the fridge that could have caused the explosion, it just had fresh food and vegetables in it - no alcohol or fizzy drinks that could have fermented or blown up." 

Re: Family Says Fridge Explosion Was Terrifying
Well it was an internal leak of R600a as the explosion was fro the inside pushing out...unussual for an appliane aged over 5 yrs old

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