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TIRUCHIRAPALLI: Centre for Energy and Environment Science And Technology (CEESAT), a Tiruchirapalli-based research organisation, has developed a washing machine that runs on solar energy and consumes very little detergent and water.

A prototype of the washing machine has been kept at the campus of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) here for demonstration, NIT director P Subramanyam, told PTI.

The machine has been developed with the help of the ministry of non-conventional energy. The machine could be designed in various sizes and was extremely economical, consuming very little detergent and also minimum quantity of water, he said.

Efforts were on to transfer the technology to 'appropriate' machine manufacturers after studying the commercial viability and ensuring that certain formalities were completed, he said.

Subramanyam, who is also the director of CEESAT, said the chemical engineering wing of CEESAT had developed detergent flakes out of soap nut extracts - beach trees, Shikakai and soap pod seeds.

Mixed in an appropriate proportion, it would yield soft lather with little water and could remove tough dirt marks and stains, he claimed.

He said NIT proposed to cultivate bio-fuel seedlings/plants in their 40 acre estate at Chuvakkudi near here, with help from the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Nearly 40,000 oil seed plant saplings would be planted, which would be ripe in two or three years. The plants would deliver yields for over 15 years, he claimed.

From The Times Of India

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