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This is a bit interesting and we don’t mean for the beer slant on it, seriously, we don’t care about the beer… honest.

You might have picked up on the whole Amazon Dash thing last week which is basically Amazon licking in customers with proprietary “buttons” that they can stick on a fridge, in a cupboard or wherever and simply press to reorder essentials from, yep, Amazon.

Before that we had the Amazon Dash talk to it thingy as well.

Well, seems that some are not going to let it pass without a challenge and here’s the first one we’ve seen that isn’t associated with the whole Amazon thing, the Carling beer button.

Yes, you can make your fridge smart enough to order up a crate of beer with the touch of a button. Although we can see this might get confusing if you start putting multiple buttons on your fridge door, it could end up looking like some sort of crazed vending machine.

And we thought as any people probably will, but won’t the kids watching the button mean I’ll end up with loads of beer? Some might not see that as an issue but no, there’s safeguards to prevent that so don’t worry about that.

The really important stuff here though is that it can be setup to order up replacements or new supplies from a number of the usual supermarkets and, that is of interest. The reason being that if other companies do this, why would you want to be locked into Amazon when, using the brand’s own button (that they’ll probably give you free) you can order up from whoever has the best deal running.

Which in turn leads to, perhaps some of the brands aren’t too happy about the whole Amazon Dash thing or, quite probably the deal that some fridge makers have on the go with “partners” on their smart fridges.

Just maybe though, a lot of people are smart enough to suss that they’re being locked in to a specific brand and/or retailer and, that probably isn’t in their interest.

Plus, that’s before we even talk about privacy concerns.

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