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Every year hordes of tech journalists pack their bags and head of to the fun fair that is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see the latest gadgets and this now includes any number of kitchen appliances.

For the past few years more large manufacturers have shown their latest creations at CES, mainly due to the integration of connected elements commonly known as the Internet of Things or IoT.

We’ve not bothered to go to CES as it’s not worth the trouble or expense and the same has also become true of the European counterpart to CES, IFA in Berlin which is held in September.

This year though, once you get beyond the hyperbole of the press releases and glitzy presentations, there really isn’t all that much new. If anything new at all.

Most of what has been shown is the same old, same old. It’s stale and boring.

There’s connected washing machines, dryers, the odd cooker or oven and of course the continuation of the war of the connected fridges.

The “new big thing” this year was voice control by the likes of Alexa, the connected digital voice assistant from Amazon but apart from that, there’s really nothing new. Whether voice control over appliances is worth the trouble or indeed offers any real advantage to users is yet to be seen but we really don’t see much value in it.

Convincing people to invest more into large appliances will be a struggle for most we think as consumers can’t really see much if any benefit and, to spend all that extra cash to talk to your appliances or interact with them through an app that aren’t going to last any longer will be a hard sell.

This of course before you even think about the huge security and privacy concerns that these products have been put under a microscope for, as they’re so bad.

We know we’re being negative and, we know that makers of these connected machines think we’re just on a downer about these things but we’ve still not seen anything to make us think any differently. Press release and wild claims of enhancing people’s lives for sure, loads of those but no real benefits.

There’s not much makers point moaning that we’re being down on connected appliances if nobody can tell us why people should fork out lots more to buy one.

And assure people that they will have a long service life for all that extra money as, evidence thus far would indicate the opposite.

Hence our standing advice to avoid connected products.

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