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This is just brilliant, a classic British comedy moment when undertaker Rafael Learmonth returned a dead fridge freezer to Argos with all the trimmings of a funeral.

He gave the broken fridge freezer a proper send-off, as he and his team gave it a full funeral treatment while delivering it back for a refund.

Just watch the video...

Mr Learmonth's mother had gone through several fridge freezers over the last two years, so the Mr Learmonth decided to take this latest break down seriously, he told Kent Online.

"She was given the last one in August last year. When that one failed as well I told them to give mum her money back and come and collect the fridge freezer but I was told they didn't have the right lorry or something," he said.

"The woman I was speaking to said something like 'you wouldn't deliver it in your hearse would you?'"

On the suggestion he did just that! He wrapped the defunct fridge in a purple pail and placed it in his hearse for its final journey back to the local Argos store, much to the bemusement of customers although we do think that staff look a bit miffed by it all, probably wondering what the blazes to do.

"We did everything we would for a funeral," he said.

We reckon this is brilliant, top marks to Mr Learmonth and it even got in the national news. He could even get some business returning other appliances to Argos, there’s a few people we’ve spoken to that would like to.

Bet Argos ain’t so happy though.

People Power you can't whack it!
Ahh, people power you can't wack it! I would have paid good money to have been in the branch, just to see staff's faces. Good on ya Rafael nice one!
As for Argos, shame on you for not sorting out the matter sooner. Shame also for importing cheap fooktingyonplak aknaker corporation white goods. Perhaps as punishment Argos Executives should be forced to have all their posh appliances ripped out of their homes and replaced with either Pro(No)Action or Hedge(Bush) appliances. Then make them wait in for an engineer not to show, or sorry can't get the parts guv.
Perhaps the next sales promotion should be free fire extinguisher with every argos own brand appliance.
RIP Mrs Learmouth's fridge freezer, next time may you come back as a Bosh.

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