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Currys, the owner of the Logik brand name, has issued a recall on one model of tumble dryer sold by the retailer.

The dryers are said to pose a fire risk and owners of the LVD7W15 model Logik tumble dryer are advised to cease using them immediately. So, serious problem then!

We don't know all that much about this yet as it's only just been brought to our attention and, as we don't have access to technical documentation for these dryers we can't confirm what we suspect to be the case. Please see below.

If you have one of these tumble dryers, stop using it immediately then contact Currys on 0344 561 6202 with the product's serial number and the post code at the time of purchase. This will be checked and you will be told if it is safe to continue using your appliance as normal, or if further action is required.

This image shows you where to find the serial number:

Logik Dryers Recalled 2

Wider Risk

Okay so you know us, always causing trouble and all that stuff well, we're gonna do it again!

This dryer is a dryer that Logik don't make, Logik is justas own label brand for Currys so, someone else made these dryers.

The someone else, so far as we can fathom was a Chinese company called Galanz, they make what seems most of the world's microwaves these days as well but, we're drifting off point although not too far. You see, Galanz will like many make whatever they sell for anyone pretty much.

So that dryer, well cross referencing some spare parts out it at least, means we know that pretty much the same chassis, heater and more have been used in dryers from Amica, Bush, Logik, Montpellier, Wesder, Sogedis, Falcon and a bunch more all across the EU.

As this information is often not shared, we can't tell you if you have an affected tumble dryer in your home or not.

Never mind action on a system for recalls, how about a way to tell what machines even constitute a risk in the first place!


Some people have commented that these dryers may be Midea and not Galanz produced, that being the case simply substitute the word Galanz for Midea and drop the microwave bit. Other than that, it's more or less the same deal.

As the original producer is obscured (deliberately??) we need to make a "best guess" at times on who actually made it but, there are definite crossovers on multiple components on dryer models sold by each brand mentioned and, there will be more than those mentioned here that may well be potentially affected.

A Hornsby
Not made by Galanz but made by Midea.
mick butler
logik dryer
it doe,s not matter who made the dryer the book stops with currys /pc world who sold the product we the consumer purchased from currys/pc world and not the maker of the product

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