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We've been on about this topic for a while now and subtly trying to warn people in the industry that this is a "thing", it is happening and, they need to pay attention.

 The fact is, we cannot go on forever with the throwaway mentality that we have and the reality is, a lot of stuff is too difficult and expensive to repair, too cheap to buy and that's mainly down to, for appliances at least, them not being as durable or supported for as long.

But our ethics and morality aside, it's not a sustainable system we have so there are some that are actively trying to change that.

An interesting case has come to light from the tech industry where copyright laws are being used to prevent the ability to repair, along with other tricks.

Here's the video:

This does have implications for the appliance industry as some brands such as Bosch, Miele, Indesit and more will not allow you to buy a PCB for example that is programmed, you have to either have to pay extra to have them programmed at source at additional cost or, you have to pay a company employee to replace it and program it onsite.

Of course, we can be accused of being biased and yes, we are. We openly sell parts and we also vehemently support the repair trade so of course, we're biased. But we're biased on the side of the customer to be able to repair or have repaired at a reasonable cost the appliances that they own so we reckon we've got the moral high ground here.

But as demonstrated in this video, is it really reasonable that we are to expect people to go to prison to have the right to repair the products that they own?

For us, that's not sustainable, moral, reasonable or remotely helping with environmental issues and we wish the Right To Repair Movement the best of luck to succeed in bursting these barriers and allowing customers more freedom of choice.

All we need now is a revolution or, some legislation enshrining the right to repair.

There again, many large businesses have no interest in seeing people repair more, throw away less and by logical extension, then be buying less of their wares. Expect them to fight.

the right to repair
I wish everyone the very best of luck with this because things are getting worse not better with even more plastic appliances being chucked away simply because 1) no spare parts 2) too expensive spare parts 3) unnecessary complexity 4) lack of skills to repair especially in a new and improved C21st 4) cost of labour is often set at robbery prices. 5) and above all vested interests trade or otherwise. Conclusion: nothing will change, only a severe economic down turn MIGHT change things temporarily until another up swing then it`ll be back to normal. Another scenario of course is to go the Bic Biro route where say a washing machine is built cheaply by sealed unrepairable design but is a genuinely recyclable product built for X years of use and is covered by strict recyclable laws when it fails. This, if anything, will be the final route of the appliance trade OR it goes the opposite way and goes down the dreaded Miele style route where 1) everything is expensive, 2) can be repaired 3) you just have to sell the wife and kids to afford the seriously rip off repair costs = 4) it still gets thrown away having 5) unaffordable repairs. 6) those who tell you modern Miele do not go wrong are either deluded, ignorant, or lying. Everything and anything mechanical / electrical fails, everything goes wrong.
Would you rather have a basic disposable recyclable warrantied machine for 3 years with a bamboo mash tank unit and wood and metal structure that will do the job for £140 or a highly complex piece of kit that you as a member of the public will stand no chance of repairing without calling the repair bod out at 120 quid for the 1st hour 75 quid for each hour after that with an outlet pump costing 200 quid.
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