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After trying to track down a product that would clean the insides of a washing machine for some time we found an effective one that is more powerful than a regular maintenance wash as often, by the time that people find out they have to do this in modern machines, they have already got a smelly washing machine. But we now have an answer, finally!


Many people use low temperature washes and detergents that contain no bleach which allow bacteria to build up inside your washing machine, Affresh goes one step further than bleaching and actually removes the build up inside the machine.

Affresh washing machine cleaner has been developed by microbiology scientists from Whirlpool to combat the build up of residues inside todays high efficiency front loading washing machines. However, unlike bleach based products which will typically mask the residue's effects, Affresh actually removes the residues using surfactant chemistry cutting down on bad smells or unpleasant odours from washing machines.

It's simple and, it works. 

Glisten is the sister product for Affresh that will clean your dishwasher, often reversing some discolouration problems that occur on plastics through regular use. We've had to import Glisten and Affresh dishwasher cleaner from the USA but they are both extremely effective cleaners and keep bad smells at bay very effectively

You can find out much more about cleaning washing machines and dishwasher, bad smells from both washing machines and dishwashers as well as other appliances from UK Whitegoods 

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