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We did a thing again and we’re really rather pleased with ourselves about it, we completely redesigned the engineer search feature from the ground up.

We have made it eave easier for people that need their appliance repaired to find local service or repair companies in their area in only three simple steps. And, with over 2500 in our database, there’s a good chance people will find a match.

We’ve even made links to all the repair companies phone details so that people can just click and call any of the repair businesses across the UK.

For people looking to find repairers, it’s dead simple.

  Search for a repair company here

For Repair Companies

For the repair companies things have improved dramatically with a host of new features now available.

You can now login through a dedicated portal and adjust your listing to tailor what you do in respect to brands and products among other things.

You can also now specify which brands that you are an authorised agent for.

You can now also see statistics on how many times your listing has been delivered in the search results, you can see how many phone call clicks you’ve had and you can see how many web based enquiries you have received.

What we have also changed is the ability for local repair companies to see the calls they missed. This is a really important change and one that allows repairers to tailor their offering to get more work through the system.

It allows repairers to see the postcode area, the brand and the product type so that they can better understand the products in their area that they may wish to look at offering repairs to and, grow their repair business as well as offering customers better and wider services.

If you are not on the system yet, your competition may well be getting all the work in the area.


We have also made it possible for users of the Rapport call handling software to receive service calls from the new system directly onto their call handling software.

No typing.

No emails.

It just appears on your system as a logged call to be booked.

And should you wish, you can also take advantage of our all new SMS service that will send you a text message with the call details whether you use Rapport or not, meaning you get any new calls within seconds of the online enquiry.

Great if you happen to already be in the area and can help the customer faster than ever before possible. Apart from it making you more efficient and reducing cost!

Repair Company Website Integration

In addition to all the other great features we do have “one last thing” to let repair companies know about.

You can now put this facility on your own website with the use of a drop in bit of code or, if you’re not comfortable installing it yourself, we can do that for you for a small charge.

That means you can have all the advantages of filtering the work you do right on your own website and, you can have the calls emailed, texted or even logged straight to your Rapport system just as it is from the repair search on this site.

If you need help with the above or any aspect of the system, how to login etc then please see the forums for more information or contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

Custom Integration

Also on offer, for more commercial clients, is the ability to customise the search so that they can use this same system to offer their customers custom searches for their own repair network.

The first of which to be enabled is for the Whitegoods Trade Association so that visitors to the WTA website can search for and only get results for WTA members.

For more details please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Still Free

Apart from the SMS service that attracts a small charge and the installation services if you need them, it’s all still completely free to both customers looking for repair companies and to the repair companies.

That’s right, we do not charge anything at all for the base service.

So everyone has nothing to lose by trying it.

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