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Electrolux has expanded on the recent trend by LG and others by announcing its Color Passion range of kitchen and laundry appliances in a number of "vibrant" colours.

Electrolux new range of coloured washing machines

Unveiled in November, the colored designs - complete with coordinate patterned worktops - are available on four premium Electrolux products: a fridge, washing machine, iron-aid dryer and dishwasher. You can can choose between four bold color designs: Deep Gold, Orange Spice, Velvet Lilla and Frosted Green.

Interior designers may well love the novelty of being able to match the fridge with a feature wall, but you had better beware as many have produced gaudy coloured machines in the past and replacing them is often nigh on impossible as they do not tend to last. And, you also have to consider, how long you can live with a bright red washing machine. 

Re: Electrolux Discovers Colours
Good God, How Vulgar!
I remember when the fashion was a green kitchen or a blue one, with everything from a mug to a fridge that color. Where are they now.......on the scrap heap.

Re: Electrolux Discovers Colours
Im gonna barf

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