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Heat pump dryers appear to promise dramatic energy savings, they dry garments so much more gently than traditional dryers so the results are superb it is claimed. Many owners would disagree and we've heard that some aren't happy at all with the results.

This is because the heat pump technology allows the dryer to operate at temperatures that are almost 25°C lower than comparative dryers without compromising drying time, says Eelctrolux.

Electrolux say that the new AEG-Electrolux Sensidry T59850 features the latest heat pump technology for unrivalled energy efficiency. This model consumes 40% less energy than the minimum requirement for an A-rated tumble dryer, which means it costs just 19 pence to dry a full load (7kg) - less than the cost of a second class stamp. Or, so the claims goes.

The problem is that Electrolux fail to say what they were drying or what they were comparing it against. For all we know it could be some old clunky dryer from the 1980's, we just don't know.

We laugh a lot at some of these claims as they are designed to get your attention and, make you get your wallet out. All the while making you believe that you're saving polar bears or trees somewhere by being ultra green. But, as with most of these press releases, the data is just not there to make an informed decision.

Bear in mind that you will pay something like a £200-£400 premium for one of these dryers and, if you only save 40% of 19 pence it's going to take you an awful long time to recoup the additional expense of buying one and, you probably won't even notice a difference in your electricity bill either.

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