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Nope, it's not just Whirlpool or Hotpoint or Indesit or Beko or well, pretty much any dryer manufacturer that can escape the problem of their tumble dryers very occasionally bursting into flames.

Electrolux now has dryer fires as well!In the USA Electrolux now faces the same issues that have dogged Whirlpool since it bought Indesit and inherited the tumble dryer problem that Indesit had with Hotpoint, Indesit and so on tumble dryers.

US insurance company Allstate has filed a product liability lawsuit in Illinois federal court looking to recover $3.6 million in payouts associated with tumble dryer fires attributed to Electrolux tumble dryers.

The suit alleges Electrolux knew its ball-hitch dryers made between 2002-2011 were defective and failed to warn federal safety regulators of the potential risk

Of course Electrolux deny this and say that the only link between the incidents in the model of dryer and not a lot else.

Right or wrong, it probably will not halt the legal case.

As yet however there has been no recall, the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US confirms it is still looking incidents connected to these dryers.


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