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For people outside the repair industry this might not be of much note and how much of an impact that this will have on end user service is presently unknown as are probably some facts.

Last week we began to hear rumours swirling about the closure of long-standing Service Force agents, Service Force in case you didn't know is the umbrella brand name for Electrolux service that encompasses Electrolux (obviously), AEG, Zanussi, Tricity Bendix, John Lewis and a few others.

This has been reported as swift and brutal closures of some agencies with them being "bought" by third parties such as 0800 Repair it's been noted, which we're quite sure will not go down well in some quarters. Or, gobbled up by adjacent agents to create super centres. Because that's worked out so well in the past for Electrolux and others ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

We reached out to Electrolux for comment but with no luck, seems nobody wants to talk about it. Shocker.

Of course Service Force carry out some third party work as well for other manufacturers, who we won't name but let's just say that they are less than happy at the turn of events. One might even say bordering on livid which would seem to indicate that they were as much in the dark on this as everyone else was.

Many of us that have been about a bit recall the similar cull in the 1990's that Electrolux had, destroying the old Zanussi service partner network that was widely hailed as the best service ever seen in the UK and, U-turned on that notion a few years later.

Then they tried franchises. That failed as well.

Then back to regular old service agents.

Now this.

Our opinion probably will carry no weight but we don't care, we'll give it anyway.

It is most likely that this transition won't be smooth and all too probable that customer service in the short term, like a year to two, will be impacted despite what will be said as, we've seen it before and we know it's a nightmare.

Worse it puts Electrolux in a position whereby, if one of these companies it's hired or the super centres its created goes bust, they really do have problems.

All in, it's probably not good news for customers or for retailers but it would appear the die is cast and there's no going back now.

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Service Force- NO SHOW x 3
Insured with Zanussi. Repair guy not informed of parts by inspection guy !.
Went away to get parts. Then 2 x no show and no info. Call to say appointment now another week away as part arrived damaged !. 2 months so far for washing M/C that is being paid for under insurance !. Its a rip off.

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