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It's a case of mistaken identity. A local vacuum store is catching a lot of heat because it sells Electrolux products

The problem is, the store has nothing to do with the Electrolux business in Greenville. Lux of Grand Rapids sells Aerus Electrolux products. But Jason Titus tells 24 Hour News 8 confusion over the name has caused a lot of customers to chew him out. "One person said we're never going to buy an Electrolux product again, vacuum, refrigerator, I don't care," said Titus. "I said 'Hey, that's not us.'".

The highly publicized closing of the Electrolux plant in Greenville, and loss of 2,700 jobs, fueled the myth and apparently ignited one heavy debate. "We almost had a divorce over that," said Jay DeBoer, a customer. "I was telling my wife that they had to be all the same, owned by Electrolux. Yeah, we were confused."

Aerus Electrolux is based in Dallas, Texas and carries vacuums and supplies. While Electrolux AB, the Greenville company, is based in Sweden. It makes everything from refrigerators to chainsaws to vacuums. At one time, the companies were under the same ownership, but they split in 1924.

24 Hour News 8 called more than a dozen dealers that sell products made by Electrolux in Greenville. They say they have some negative response to the brand, but overall, sales haven't been affected. Jason Titus says he will keep sorting out the truth, with what they do and don't sell, and whether they plan to stay.

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